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Printing Knowledge
Publish:Aroma Packing Co., Ltd  Time:2019-10-14
More and more brands are relying on coatings, finishes, and embellishments to transform ordinary packaging into extraordinary ones. This detailing differentiates their product from competitors and helps grab the attention of consumers at the point of purchase. To meet this demand, we provide unlimited options for our clients to customize their packaging with a variety of PMS colors, materials, finishes, and printings.
Silk screening pringing is the process in which ink is pressed through a photographically treated screen onto the surface to be decorated. One color is applied at a time with a new screen for each color. Closures candidates for silk screening are aluminum, acrylic, HDPE, LDPE, and PET.

Advantages of Silk Screen Printing:
Ideal for a simple and elegant design with 2 – 3 colors
Texture can be applied to give artwork a premium look

Hot stamping produces a shiny and luxurious appearance on cosmetic tubes, acrylic bottles, jars and cosmetic containers. Colored foils are often gold and silver, but other colors are also available, ideal for a signature design.
Hot stamping is defined as a dry printing process, which uses controlled heat, pressure, and precision timing to transfer a color pigment from foil to surfaces of varied shapes and materials. This process forms a permanent bond between the part and the foil, and creates a dry print.
The advantages of hot stamping include increased productivity, multiple colors in one step, and a variety of available materials and finishes.
In the cosmetics, beauty, and personal care business, packaging is also about fashion. UV coating plays a significant role in making your package standout on the retail shelves. Whether it is a frosty texture or a shiny surface, coating gives your package a certain attractive look. UV coating enables plastic to mimic the look of metal, delivering high-end results.
Advantages of UV Coating:
Gives package a unique look
Protects surfaces from scratching
Resistant to chemical abrasion (especially for metallized surfaces)